Rewriting Solo

Sometimes I wish that Star Wars wasn’t so important to me.

I wish that I could look at all of this new content as either a new or casual fan. I wish that I didn’t have standards that every film had to live up to, or even the small bit of knowledge about the characters’ histories that isn’t shown on-screen.

But the fact is that… well, it is.  And it’s not like Star Wars post-Disney-purchase has been a constant letdown.  Hell, I fucking LOVED both The Force Awakens and (obviously) Rogue One.  I thought that this was going to be the “Star Wars Renaissance”, an age filled with such perfect films that it’d rival Disney Animation’s Renaissance.

And then I didn’t like The Last Jedi.  And now I’m not so sure.

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The Problems With "Tangled"

Over the past few months, I’ve had a lot of conversations about “Tangled: The Series”.  

I’ve asked people why they watch it.  I’ve asked adults if they’re even into watching cartoons and their feelings about them.  I’ve gotten ratings information from a connected friend, and discussed said ratings with another.

Because the thing is, it’s a good show. The writing, the animation, the cast, the songs-- everything is solid.  The Disney and Broadway fandoms ALONE should be having a field day with it! But for some reason, it’s somewhat struggling in the ratings, versus other animated series and even other Disney series.  Why?

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The War That Meant Nothing

I really didn’t want to be “that girl”.

You know, the one that shits on the thing that everyone loves.  And look, my purpose here isn’t to lessen your enthusiasm for Infinity War.  If you loved it, that’s great! There was a  lot to love.

But I just saw someone compare it to Empire Strikes Back and my brain almost exploded, so I had to write this.  Because NO. No, it is NOT like Empire Strikes Back.

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