Secrets of the Empire



Objectively, I knew that I should’ve been listening to the details of the mission.  Captain Andor-- the resident studmuffin of the Rebellion, if you ask me--was relying on us, and the whole thing seemed like it was going to be pretty dangerous.  Mustafar was Vader’s planet, and no matter how convincing our Stormtrooper uniforms looked, a Sith Lord would be able to see through them immediately.  We’d have to be quiet, quick, and careful to retrieve the weapon that the Empire had somehow gotten their hands on.

But as we sped through space towards the lava planet, I couldn’t help but momentarily forget about the mission ahead and look up at the security droid next to me.  I grasped his hand tightly and leaned my head against the metal chassis of his chest.

“I love you, Kaytoo,” I told him.

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Grey Areas

I have thoughts about a few things, and all of them fall under my frustration with the current tendency of both the internet and society as a whole to force complex situations into absolutes.  Right or wrong. Black or white. Good or bad.  There are no more allowances for the in-between, which is a huge problem because that is primarily where all living things operate: the many, many shades of grey between the absolutes.  We are so quick to either condemn or glorify each other, so intent on judging each other that none of that matters.  There is no forgiveness, no discussion, no LISTENING anymore, and I hate it.  If you defend the behavior of someone who has been deemed “problematic” or downright wrong, then YOU are immediately also wrong.  If you point out some potential issues in someone’s thoughts or behaviors, you are the enemy.  

Folks, this is a TERRIBLE way to be.  Now, I’m not saying that we need to sit and listen to the Nazi point-of-view or have some sympathy for a child molester.  There ARE some behaviors and thoughts that need to be condemned, just as there are some of those that should be commended.  But there also needs to be a much acceptance of everything that lies between that.

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