Last Thursday and Friday, I finally got to see “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child” on Broadway.

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to tell you about it.

So, y'know, that makes blogging about it a little difficult.



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Oh, and there's onstage magic, and it's INCREDIBLE. 

No, wait, you're not reading with that with the right amount of emphasis.




If you've read the script of the show and wondered, "But wait, how do they do that live and onstage?", the answer is: I DON'T REALLY KNOW BUT THEY DEFINITELY DO IT AND IT'S AMAZING.

Speaking of the script, I read it back when it first came out and therefore expected to be less surprised about the story within the show, but honestly?  I enjoyed seeing it performed FAR better than reading it.  It's a completely different animal, and there were multiple points where I actually forgot that I had read the story beforehand.

One of the things I think I CAN tell you is that there's no curtain call after the first part, and I felt SO DISRESPECTFUL leaving a theater without applauding the cast.  You get to do it after the second part but I still felt like I had been rude in some way, you know? It was weird.

Also, the role that Anthony Boyle plays was my absolute favorite.  PROTECT HIS CHARACTER AT ALL COSTS.  It's no surprise he won the Olivier for his performance in the London show, but the same goes for Noma Dumezweni and Jamie Parker, as well.

(See how I'm being good at avoiding spoilers?)

Oh! And Imogen Heap supplied the soundtrack to the show (it's not a musical, though!) and I definitely recognized instrumentals of some of her more popular songs thrown in ("Wait It Out" was definitely in there, for example).

So basically, if you're a Harry Potter fan, you ABSOLUTELY need to go see this show.  If you can help it, try not to sit under the mezzanine level, as you'll miss a bit of.... some REALLY COOL STUFF.

And y'know. Keep the secrets.

Note: Writing is hard and I am just starting to get back into this sort of stuff. Thanks for putting up with some awkward, not great words of mine while I dip my toe back into these waters!